Hydraulic roller compactor market space narrows

2018-09-15 14:19

Along with the continuous expansion of the hydraulic roller industry, more and more hydraulic roller brands have entered the market, resulting in the market of hydraulic roller with limited profit margin. It is “overcrowded”, and many roller manufacturers are deeply aware of the pressure of survival. The performance of small and medium-sized roller manufacturers is particularly obvious. For the current small and medium-sized roller manufacturers, how to “sand the survival of the seams” is the most critical issue that needs to be considered at present.

In the unfair market competition, the hardships of small and medium-sized roller manufacturers can be imagined. In order to save their own strength and occupy more advantages in the future competition, large roller manufacturers have almost spared no effort to merge the roller manufacturers with potential for development but weak strength. In this way, small and medium-sized road roller manufacturers have to face not only the storms brought by the transformation, but also the looting of large roller manufacturers.

In such an environment, the roads of small road roller manufacturers are roughly divided into three directions: one is to go against the wind, to continuously improve the strength, and strive to survive in the cracks, perhaps to occupy a place in the market's big waves; second Attached to large enterprises, in exchange for a large port of mergers at the expense of a harbor that can be relied upon; the third result, the most unwilling to see, is eliminated by the market, whether it is killed by the storm or by the trust The big tree fell, and all the efforts were put to the east.

If the small and medium-sized road roller manufacturers can integrate with the Internet through the industrial alliance and the Internet, the new industrial alliance is an important organizational form for future economic development. By building brand alliances, relying on the integration of resources, the construction of large platforms and the innovation of business models can help enterprises. By completing technological innovation, management innovation and transformation and upgrading, enterprises will have better opportunities to survive and develop.

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