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24-year Deep In Construction Machinery Industry. Established in 1991, Ningbo Yinzhou Feihu Machinery Factory is one of the earliest professional manufacturers in construction machinery. With the spirit of "being professional and doing best", we have gradually developed to a big factory for the 24 years. We supplying construction machinery such as Concrete Vibrator, Plate Compactor, Power Trowel, Concrete Cutter, Water Pump, Hand Insertion Vibrator, Rammer, Steel Cutter, Steel Bender, Concrete Mixer,Concrete Screed,Vibratory Roller and so on...

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Our Advantage

  • Factory has a long history.
  • Professional and Rich Product Line.
  • Meeting CE and GS Regulations For the Quality.
  • Professional sales channels.
  • We will develop and launch new products in time.

Our Equipment

Existing 100 kinds of products. Including: roller machine, plate ram, road cutting machine, leveling machine, trowelling machine, vibration rods, mixer, impact rammer, motors, pumps, cranes, steel cutting machine, reinforcing steel bending machine, etc..

Our Service

We are committed to: can produce the products you need within a month. In addition, we also accept custom mold; in addition, in the after-sales service. We also have a person to address you in the product installation, equipment operation, fault warranty encountered all problems.

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