Over 20-year Deep In Construction Machinery Industry



Established in 1990, Ningbo Feihu Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest professional manufacturers in construction machinery. With the spirit of "being professional and doing best", we have gradually developed to a big factory for the 20 years. We supplying construction machinery such as Road Roller, Concrete Vibrator, Plate Compactor, Power Trowel, Concrete Cutter, Water Pump, Hand Insertion Vibrator, Rammer, Steel Cutter, Steel Bender, Concrete Mixer and so on.



Professional and Rich Product Line
With the experience of more than 100 kinds of construction machines, we can meet your different order. Besides, our professional R&D team will work for you with the most convenient service. We can delivery in one month since your order, and special standard products are welcomed.


Meeting CE and GS Regulations For the Quality
Source your construction machinery from us, and you will be assured of products that meet the strict requirements of CE and GS. Our four-member R&D team, led by our general manager with over a decade experience, can customize products for you in 30 days. During our 7-year exporting experience, eighty percent of our exports go to Europe, the Middle East and South America market. New products are designed by us every year.


Professional sales channel
Export rights are one of our biggest advantages. We have experienced export sales activities with 7 years of export sales activities. Our professional sales staff can provide you with good external sales services to help you solve problems. The problems encountered in the external sales, to ensure that the products you need can reach your hands as soon as possible.





We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

Perfect products, rapid market response, international product quality assurance, and professional sales channels are the biggest guarantees we can help you. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you. Your inquiry will get our professional reply within 24 hours, and welcome you to visit our company. More products are available for you to choose.


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